Sunday, October 18, 2009

Separation Anxiety

I had to board Skyler.

I'm attending a communicators conference this until Tuesday and my fiance is back in MA visiting family.
       This wasn't a rash decision. I did my homework and found a great fit for him. He's overnight camping at Camp Bow Wow while I'm gone. They have webcams so I can watch him from the conference, which helps. And they are really understanding and sweet with the dogs. I had to set up an interview almost a month ago. They had a three hour evaluation process in order to clear him for registration. It puts me at ease that they want to make sure all the dogs there aren't aggressive or protective.
       And Skyler loves playing with other dogs. This place is literally a Chuckie Cheese for dogs. Skyler will have tons of other campers and toys to play with. I know I shouldn't worry. I just don't like to leave him. I dropped  him off about an hour ago. I'll admit I was upset. I knew he didn't want to go. He was hiding between my legs and after trying to lure him with treats and noises and even pulling him gently, one of the helpers had to resort to picking him up and carrying him away.
       I realize I sound like a crazy dog lady. To be honest, I was full blown sobbing by the time I got back behind the wheel. I'm doing OK now. I packed him an overnight back with blankets, his toys and some treats. I measured and bagged his food for each meal. He'll be fine. I have to think of the positive. It'll be another great opportunity for him to socialize with other dogs.
       My fiance has already been on the webcams. He said Skyler's doing great and is playing around with the dogs. Check it out! Doggie Cam. Skyler's usually in the Kennywoof room.


  1. Awww poor Skylar!! It is always hard leaving your pup in someone else's hands but having that webcam must make it a little easier. What a great place to be able to offer that, bet he's doing just fine!!!

  2. Don't worry, Skylar momma, he will be fine. My momma always cries when she just leaves me for a grooming, let alone a sleep over, but I always have a great time.


  3. You're not a crazy person. You're just madly in love with your baby.

    Gus and Waldo

  4. Hi Skylar!! Nice to meet you! I think I am just a bit older than you at this point, but we have a lot in common! LOVE your header....looks like some of my projects too. Isn't tissue the best!
    If you love being around other pups, and it sounds like you do, you will have a blast at camp. My mom would worry too, but ya know, we'll do just fine! The fact that you had to interview, and got to see the property, and the webcams! All good.
    Wish we could run around at the park sometime!
    Bye for now!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  5. Mango's momma cries when he goes for a grooming??? Oh my...I'm pretty sure Mumsie laughs as she leaves us to be tortured at the groomers...

    Hi Skylar...I'm Lacie...I saw ya on Mango's bloggie...I'm the "beast" he refers to with great frequency and contrary to popular belief, I do NOT have a big butt. I'm a Lakeland terrier and I live with my stoopid brothers, Scruffy, a Wire Fox terrier and Stanley, an Airedale...AND we live in da Burgh just like you!!! We live up in the North Hills and our favorite place is North Park where we can walk and sniff and BARK!!!!!

    You JRT's are tough little have to meet Gussie and Teka...Teka is a JR...she's quite the little pistol...I'll tell her bout ur bloggie...

    Are ya back from camp yet? We go to camp too...Mumsie makes sure we go at least for a weekend 2-3 times a year and we usually go for a week or so in the summer. Scruffy ADORES camp and Mumsie has to drag him out the door when she comes to get us...Stan and I drag her out the door...then she sees the bill and faints...three doggies is rather 'spensive...

    Oh my...I seem to talk a lot...come and visit our bloggie, Skylar when ya get back from Camp Bowwow...we've never been there...Scruffy and I aren't exactly social and Stan wants to be with us so we get boarded here in Wexford...

    Terrier kisses...

    Laciegirl and her bros, Stanny and Scruffy

  6. Hiya: I am Teka Toy Dagger, and Lacie sent me to visit. I am spoiled too. I am my Daddy's dog, muzzer is OK, but she is really just here to make sure the food gets on the table, ya know?

    Anyway, we live in Mayemphis, TN and my bruzzer has a blog, which I occasionally hijack.

    teka toy