Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Neighbors Move Out

This week the neighbors from the apartment next to us moved. I watched a few moving men buzz in and they were gone within a few hours. I'm know Skyler misses the kitty that lived there. 

He loved running up the stairs after walks and waiting at the door for the cat to come over and greet him. We didn't know the neighbors too well, so we weren't really even sure what the cat's name was. My fiancee and I just called him Kitty. "Where's Kitty?" we'd ask Skyler. He'd tilt his head like he was listening. 

They didn't know each other that well—just the few moments of playing in the gap between carpet and the bottom of the door. The cat would tease him by showing just enough of his paw and then try to slap him. (Watch the YouTube video to the right "Skyler Makes a Kitty Friend" to see the two of them playing)

We hiked through the trails at Frick today for an hour or so. Skyler loves chasing the birds and squirrels just off the trails. He waits at the bottom of trees looking up at the animals he's chased up the trunk, as if they are going to fall for his whines and puppy eyes and come back down to play. Unfortunately, for Skyler, they aren't a sucker for his games. (I'm pretty sure he learned these behaviors from the treats I give him at the dinner table. Unlike the squirrels, I can be a sucker.)

My fiancee and I were hoping that Skyler would get all of his energy out at the park, but no such luck. He napped for a while and is now back at it. Before coming back in he waited at the door next to ours for kitty.  


  1. I want to meet this Dog and see you!!! Its been a while and I miss you so much!


  2. AWWWWW, he's such a cutie!

    I might have my pup with me for the holidays -- Tucker would LOVE to play!! It sounds like Skyler and Tucker have just about the same amount of energy! It would actually be pretty funny to watch because Tuck is all black with a little bit of white -- and Sky is just the opposite :P

    I miss you... I can't wait until December :)


  3. Oh man! You live in one of those apartment places? My nephew, Misha, lives in one too. His dad is in the graduate school. Maybe everybody who goes to school lives in apartments, huh. I don't know how he survives having to always have mom or dad with him on walkies. I think it makes my sissy and brother-in-law a bit cracker dog at times.