Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Punkin' Picks His Very Own Pumpkin

We picked our pumpkins today! Skyler was a crazy man sorting through the waves of orange.
       I've been incredibly busy with school, but it was a nice break to enjoy the beautiful weather today. We went to a small church on Fifth that had a TON of pumpkins. Skyler was really pushy to begin with. He wanted to suck in all the action. But once he realized he wasn't going to miss out on anything, he calmed down and sorted through the pumpkins. 
      My fiancee and I chose a larger one to carve. Skyler picked out a smaller one with a long stem. (He's been doing some carving of his own since we left the lot. If you look closely you can see the teeth marks!)
     Although I didn't have too much time to play, it was nice to get out of the house. As I type, Sky's rolling his new pumpkin around the living room!

So, now that my family has officially dived into the Halloween-season festivities, I'm wondering about costumes. We only have a week and I'm still not sure if we'll spend Halloween carving or if we'll dress Sky up and go for a long walk. Any ideas for costumes? Shall we get into the great debate about whether or not its OK to dress up our four-legged friends? Skyler doesn't have a thick coat and gets cold very easily, so he already has a hoodie, jacket and Christmas sweater—what's a costume going to hurt?


  1. If it makes you feel any better about dressing up little Skyler, my mom bought Ryder a devil costume and Tootsie a mermaid costume. Hey, it's only for a few hours, why not :)

  2. Skylar...tell ur mom it's totally WRONG to dress up poor's hoooomiliating and insulting AND

    we had to spend like HOURS getting PHOTOGRAPHED in OUR COSTUMES today...and it was in the middle of the fourth quarter of the Steeler game today...thank dog we got back inside to see the end of it....the peeps took our costumes off cuz they thought we might destroy them...does this mean we're gonna hafta put 'em on again?? OH THE HORROR of it all...

    Frankly, when the little kiddies come to our house on Halloween and we're stuck inside our respective crates barkin' our full heads off, it gives ALL of us a headache.

    Can't believe ur playin' ball with ur little pumpkin...YOU ROCK!!!!

    Love and kisses and GO STEELERS!!!

    Lacie, Scruffy and Babystan

    Pee ess...all the costumes at PetSmart are half off and Target's should be marked down by now too...

  3. Hey, if the little guy already likes to wear stuff, why not something fancy for Halloween. I tried to get my stupid Pee-Wee brother to wear his monkey suit on walkies, but he wanted to be nekked.

    Pumpkins can be most fun to play with and bitey. Maybe Skyler is working on his own carving.